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Save time and money whilst reducing stress to do with marine surveys

Save time and money whilst reducing stress to do with marine surveys

Marine surveys are changing, and it is vital to keep up with the latest changes, and our white paper offers just that – up to date information on the latest marine surveys. Being a ship owner or operator, this white paper will give you an edge to avoiding detentions, fines and other regulatory processes that can affect shipping operations. The demands of regulations and inspections can be stressful, however knowing and being prepared is the best way to arm yourself and come out the other side with as little problems as possible, the last thing you want is long delays and disruptions to your operations.

To preface the subject, Marine surveys are often misunderstood. We investigate this through examining the different types of surveys and doing the research so you can stay informed. We explore the benefits which not only related to finance, but also have benefits in time, health, safety and organizational ability, all aspects which will give you a firm grasp on your ship operations.

Another thing to keep in mind is that we are now coming into a post pandemic world, where the use of digital methods is becoming more prevalent and remote surveys are here to stay. This is an example of the effects of adapting to challenges and how they can improve practices, save on time and costs.

We at GMCG are experts in maritime services and operations, we offer 24/7 consultation and our global office locations cover the world’s major ports (Piraeus, Singapore, Lagos, Panama, Shanghai and Dubai as examples). We have marine surveyors that are highly experienced, offering more than 10 years’ experience each in their field, approved by the major organisations in global shipping, which gives us our expert edge when it comes to the subject of marine surveys.

The Marine Surveys white paper is available free from the following link –
Marine Surveys White Paper – Global Maritime Consultants (

Be sure to check our other free white papers as well, we have white papers on the following –

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