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GMCG offers a range of legal services to support its customers in the maritime industry. With a team of experienced lawyers and a commitment to quality, GMCG provides expert support for all your legal needs. GMCG is committed to helping its customers navigate the complex and ever-changing maritime industry. Whether you are looking for support with ship registration, offshore incorporations, crew endorsements and certifications, or sale and purchase advisory, GMCG has the expertise and resources to help you succeed. GMCG’s legal assistance evolves around the following support:

Ship Registration

When it comes to the operations in marine sector, our clients are always in safe hands. At GMCG we understand the need for a dedicated, customized and challenge-oriented service.
We deliver what we promise. We are YOUR STRATEGIC COMPETITIVE and reliable partner throughout the ship registrations processes. We offer every client an array of flags to choose from and offer advice on the flag administrations that will best fit your requirements.

Legal Services

Ship Registration during Flagging and Reflagging

Ship Purchase Closing Procedures – Single Voyage Bareboat Registration

A strong relationship with various Flag Administrators enables us to offer clients a streamlined service on 24/7 basis. Whether it is a Vessel Delivery Documentation Assistance, preparation of Bills of Sale and Notarization, as well as flag transfers and vessels under construction documentation – we cover all the challenges to ensure your operability.

GMCG’s flags array includes (but is not limited to): 

Incorporation Services & Tax compliance: Annual Tax Payments

Companies are incorporated offshore when clients are looking for asset protection, business expansion and financial privacy.

At GMCG we have the knowledge and expertise to support clients with incorporation and tax compliance matters, any changes in laws and regulations, filling out the required forms and act as a single point of contact to guide you through the processes.

Crew endorsements and certification

All seafarers serving on foreign flagged ships must endorse their national certificates of competency.  This is done for the foreign flag administration recognition followed by an endorsement recognising the certificate issued under the provisions of the STCW Convention.

Through our global network of offices, GMCG can assist with endorsements for Ship Security Officers along with Oil, Chemical & Gas Tanker Operations certificates of competency. We also provide a streamlined process for dealing with Continuous Discharge Certificates (CDC) and Seaman’s Discharge Books when required.


  • Engineer
  • Master
  • Officer
  • Ratings
  • Watchkeeping


  • Officers’ Endorsements
  • Ratings Endorsements
  • GMDSS Endorsements


  • Name of the seafarer with a recent photograph
  • Age and gender
    Identification marks
    • Nationality and address
    • Service Book identification number (unique) • Date and place of birth
    • Date of record issuance and expiry
  • Issuing authority’s name and rank.


Advisory on other legal matters pertinent to sales or purchase of the ships and related aspects.

Panama Services

As one of the largest Panamanian law firms with a truly global network of own branches and exclusive offices, we are well-equipped to handle any legal needs our clients may have.