About Us

More than 30 Years of Service

GMCG has been supporting ship owners and their teams for more than 30 years.

Worldwide Offices

Our strategic global network is always local to our customers.

We save you time and we are on hand when and where you need us.

Expert on what we do

Our maritime professionals have the skills, knowledge and experience you need and all at your fingertips.

Our Services

Ship Registration

  • Ship Registration, Flagging and Reflagging
  • Ship Purchase Closing Procedures
  • Bareboat Registration

Marine Surveying Services

  • Cargo & Chartering Surveys
  • 3rd Party Inspections
  • Flag Inspections
  • Class & IMO Regulatory Consultation

Radio Communications

  • Radio Accounting Authority (RAA)
  • Point of Service Activation (PSA)
  • LRIT Conformance Testing

What To Expect From Us

Prompt Service

Excellent Communication





News & Bulletins

Stay informed

Publications published regularly that provide insights and takes on marine topics that impact your business.

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Mission Statement

“To support and empower ship owners and their teams by providing marine solutions that they can trust.”