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Managing Director Of GMCG Ranim Obeid : Launching EURASIA to embrace GMCG’S Branches in the region.’

Managing Director Of GMCG Ranim Obeid : Launching EURASIA to embrace GMCG’S Branches in the region.’

Global Maritime Consultants Group (GMCG), the technical expert and global consultancy provider, has announced its plans to launch Eurasia, aiming to assemble GMCG’s branches in the region under this new name.

Robban Assafina has met the Managing Director of GMCG ME, Romania and Turkey Ranim Obeid, who said that the offcial launch will be next month, soon after the inauguration of GMCG’s branch in Turkey.

Obeid also spoke of the company’s further expansion plans, mainly in the offshore sector in Lebanon, which will fully cater to a larger number of clients. With its 18 global branches, GMCG aims to ensure its leading position in providing the best, high quality marine services through direct contact and flexibility with clients.

First of all, let us talk about GMCG’s establishment, mission and goals

GMCG is a leading maritime and offshore company headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus. We have been providing outstanding services for over the past 30 years, with help from our committed team of worldwide professionals spread over 18 branches.
As a global company with an extensive network and a specialized team from the maritime industry’s wide sectors, we work hard to meet our clients’ different needs and demands.
We cover everything related to this sector from marine engineers, naval architects, marine surveyors, as well as providing legal and insurance services.
we had recently celebrated group’s 30th anniversary, in the presence of GMCG’s chairman, the Board of Directors, our loyal clients, the Ambassador of Panama in Dubai, our management team and other distinguished guests. We have also honored and given recognition to the management team members who have been working at GMCG for over 10 years.

What services make GMCG unique, in light of the market’s competition?

The maritime world is extremely competitive, highly regulated and technically demanding. From vessel’s registration, surveys and compliance to naval architecture, marine engineering, risk consultancy and much more, our one-stop shop helps customers get over many challenges.
Competition is tough, but I know that GMCG’s reputation along with our worldwide presence, exclusive surveyors from the International Register of Shipping classification society, and being a recognized organization authorized by 35 global state flags are what make GMCG exceptional.
This means that we are able to meet customer demands anywhere in the world, saving costs; which leaves us to one question; what do ship owners want? The answer is easy, high quality procedures at competitive costs.
GMCG is known for its quality, flexibility, timing, cost, and quick service. I would say flexibility is our main trait; we work directly with flag administrations and Classification societies, offering high standard services.
On the other hand, we have noticed some new players entering the market. Many of them do not survive due to not meeting the required standards, which in return deprives them of their granted privileges. This low performance draws the attention of port state control causing ship owners major inconveniences, which eventually results in these new players leaving the market.

GMCG has recently announced expansion plans to open a new branch in Turkey. What’s new about this plan and what value would this add to the company?

At the moment we are in the launching stage and have a set location with employees. We expect to offcially be open by the upcoming month. This branch will provide all services from ship registration to crew certifcates, as GMCG has extensive connections and many companies under its name.
We can provide all services from Classification, flag state and ship management, as well as radio services. With this offcial inauguration, Eurasia will be the new name including Romania, Turkey and the Middle East branches.

What is your perspective of the Turkish market? Do you consider it a strategic and attractive location in the region?

We have been studying the Turkish market for the past two years and have been using our local connections to familiarize ourselves with it.
We have met many ship owners, shipyards and companies providing different shipping services and safety equipment.
We see Turkey as an important market with different opportunities in the maritime sector as a whole. There is an extensive client base there, and we have chosen it as our strategy to expand in the region and penetrate the market. Since ship owners are abundant in this region, many of them seek out Turkey for maintenance and other works, so our presence there will surely be beneficial. Turkey is a lucrative market, especially in the shipyards sector, which is set for a promising future. We will defnitely be one of the key players there.

What means are used to increase your client base?

We increase our client base using public relations, excellent customer support & service, and with our wide network & global connections. One of our major benefits is having close relationships with our clients and ship owners, which results in a business by word-of-mouth. We also take part in conferences, exhibitions and training courses that bring together many stakeholders and provide direct interaction with potential clients.

What best describes GMCG’s relationship with a variety of clients, such as engineers, ship owners, seafarers, crewing companies, lawyers and insurance companies?

We establish a close and friendly relationship with all our clients. Having such a variety of clients, we sometimes face challenges along the way, but with our professional standards we always find quick solutions. It is important to keep our clients happy, so we have created a balance between ship owners and other parties in order to be able to speak on behalf of both.
We then find a quick, suitable and smart solution that leaves everyone satisfed. That is why we think flexibility is an essential quality to have when dealing with clients under ISO quality standards.

How do you see the maritime and offshore industry? What are the challenges?

We are currently growing our business in the Lebanese offshore sector, which has been the company’s focus for the past two years. A specialized team has been assigned to carry out related tasks such as maritime and offshore consultancy, offshore operations support, oil and gas related training, risk management and consultancy on safety studies and workshops, offshore engineering, as well as drilling consultancy and floating stations for storage and unloading.
Lebanon is surely an opportunity in this domain. Throughout our studies and research, we are utilizing all offshore expansion opportunities in Lebanon and the region.

What are GMCG’s goals?

We aim to provide broader services, with the same steps and standards that are currently in place. We also seek to expand our network and diversify our services so that we can meet different requirements, covering all sectors of the maritime market.

Would you like to add anything?

I thank Robban Assafina magazine for shedding the light on our willingness to accept any challenge out on the market, and find best ways to ensure clients’ satisfaction.

Courtesy : Interview Published in Robban Assafina Magazine – Issue 61

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