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GMCG wraps up Annual General Meeting in Greece

GMCG wraps up Annual General Meeting in Greece

As we reflect on our recent AGM in Greece, we are excited to share how this gathering has fortified our dedication to serving you, our esteemed clients, with unmatched excellence and innovation in the maritime and offshore sectors. This AGM wasn’t merely a meeting; it was a collaborative crucible where ideas and strategies were forged to enhance the value and efficiency we bring to your operations.
A special note of gratitude is extended to the Palau International Register of Shipping (PISR) and the Africa Asia Shipowner Mutual Assurance Association (AAAA) for their generous sponsorship and support of our AGM.
We also extend heartfelt thanks to Philippos Aristotelous for the insightful “Building Strong Leaders and Marvellous Cultures” workshop. Your guidance on aligning personal values with our corporate culture has deepened our understanding and commitment to our core values of Self-Mastery, Innovation, Commitment, Connection, and Transparency. Your session was not just instructive but transformative, setting the stage for our future growth.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the GMCG Greece team, with particular recognition for Christos Michalopoulos and Eleni Anagnostopoulou, whose exemplary organizational skills were instrumental in the success of our AGM.
As we move forward, we carry the insights and inspirations from our AGM, ready to write new chapters of success and innovation.

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