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Ensuring Seafarer Safety: Combat Asbestos with GMCG’s Expert IHM Services

Ensuring Seafarer Safety: Combat Asbestos with GMCG’s Expert IHM Services

Navigating the Seas of Safety: Protecting Seafarers from Asbestos with GMCG’s Expertise
In the vast expanse of the maritime industry, the safety of our seafarers remains paramount. Among the lurking hazards, asbestos stands out as a silent but potentially deadly presence aboard vessels. At Global Maritime Consultants Group, we are acutely aware of this risk and are committed to ensuring the safety of crew members through comprehensive Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) services.
Understanding the Invisible Threat
Asbestos, once a common material used in shipbuilding, poses severe health risks, including life-threatening diseases. Its presence on ships can go unnoticed, yet the consequences of exposure are far-reaching. This makes the identification and management of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) crucial in the maritime sector.
The Role of IHM in Maritime Safety
The IHM plays a critical role in this endeavor. It’s a meticulous process, combining engineering and marine survey expertise, to ensure the safety and compliance of vessels. Ship owners must engage a Hazmat Expert company, like GMCG, to perform thorough inspections and collect samples from various parts of the vessel. These samples are then sent to approved laboratories for evaluation.
Upon completing the analysis, our Hazmat Experts prepare IHM Part I, meticulously listing all laboratory results. In instances where asbestos is detected, it is mandatory for the ship owner to develop an ACM manual. This manual outlines a comprehensive risk assessment and steps for the safe removal of these hazardous materials.
Compliance and Approval Process
Both IHM Part I and the ACM manual are critical documents that must be submitted to the Flag Administration and Recognized Organizations (RO) for approval. This leads to the exemption of ACM (usually valid until the next Dry Docking) and the issuance of IHM Statement of Compliance (SOC).
Special Attention to Vessels Under 500 GRT
It’s crucial to highlight that this convention does not automatically apply to fishing vessels and cargo vessels below 500 Gross Register Tonnage (GRT). However, local port authorities can demand compliance, underscoring the need for ship owners of vessels under 500GT to be equally vigilant.
Your Trusted Partner in Maritime Safety
At Global Maritime Consultants Group (GMCG), we hold the necessary approvals and expertise to guide ship owners through this complex process. We offer a comprehensive service package, from sample collection to laboratory analysis, preparation of IHM Part I, ACM manual development, and assistance with the approval process. Our commitment to maritime safety and environmental compliance positions us as a trusted partner for ship owners globally.
A Call to Action for Enhanced Safety
We urge ship owners, especially those with vessels under 500GT, to proactively address the asbestos threat. With GMCG’s support, you can navigate these regulations with confidence, ensuring the safety of your crew and the longevity of your vessels. Let us join hands in creating a safer, healthier maritime environment.

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