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Paris MoU’s introduction of Focus Inspection Campaigns

Paris MoU’s introduction of Focus Inspection Campaigns

The Paris MoU’s introduction of Focus Inspection Campaigns (FICs) marks a significant shift in maritime inspection methodologies. FICs target specific areas of concern on selected ship types, differing from the more general Concentrated Inspection Campaigns (CICs). FICs can occur with or without prior announcement.
For ship owners and operators within Paris MoU jurisdictions, this development underscores the necessity of continuous compliance and readiness for both scheduled and unscheduled inspections. 
The first trial FIC in summer 2023 focused on Pilot Transfer Arrangements, assessing implementation and effectiveness. This trial also explored the possibility of not pre-announcing these inspections. 
During the campaign, 1,262 Port State Control inspections were conducted, identifying deficiencies in 100 ships. These included improperly rigged pilot ladders, damaged ladders, and poor record-keeping.
The trial’s findings, especially concerning pilot ladders and record-keeping, highlight crucial areas for immediate attention and improvement.
This initiative by Paris MoU seeks to significantly contribute to enhancing maritime safety and protecting the marine environment.

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