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Offshore jurisdictions for vessel ownership

Offshore jurisdictions for vessel ownership

When investing in a movable asset such as a vessel, natural and legal people and their investors are seeking to establish one or several entities through which their financing will be structured to fit the requirement. The understanding of jurisdiction of financing and future operations is a task that requires a third-party professional assistance and guidance.

Most traditional jurisdictions allow a locally registered subsidiary company, fully owned by a foreign corporation, to meet the requirement for local vessels ownership.  Many of traditional registers have also an interest in limiting vessel ownership to their own nationals. In very similar circumstances, some free trade arrangements may have removed some internal barriers, but not harmonized all of their internal laws.

To properly advise our customers on each matter of offshore incorporation for ship ownership in Marshal Islands, Panama, St Kitts  or any other offshore jurisdiction covering topics of asset protection, business expansion or  financial privacy, Global Maritime Consultants Group (GMCG) is ready to offer you a free general consultation. Our significant 34 years of experience in this area allows us to provide you an advice of bespoke commercial structures for vessels ownership and their day-to-day operations.

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