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GMCG share new White Papers designed to help the shipping industry adapt to the post pandemic world

GMCG share new White Papers designed to help the shipping industry adapt to the post pandemic world

GMCG share new White Papers designed to help the shipping industry adapt to the post pandemic world

The global maritime world continues to be challenged as the pandemic shows no sign of relenting. Four new white papers released this year share insight into operating during these COIVD-19 pandemic times.

As 2021 comes to a close, this year has shown us how the worlds shipping industry not only looks forward, but just how much strength is needed to continue the responsibility of keeping the world running. Alongside successfully identifying seafarers as keyworkers, managing regulations and navigating through lockdowns in countries around the world, the mission to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 has not become an afterthought.

GMCG Global has added four new White Papers this year, all of which can be downloaded for free. The topics covered include the evolution of maritime training, the intricacies of marine surveys, technical services and detailed insight into pressures shipowners are under over emissions.

MARITIME TRAINING explains how training has changed. Training is not what it used to be and the world has changed and will continue to change even more especially in the case of the maritime sector. Maritime training is racing to keep up with the skillsets of a new generation of seafarers who are looking to use their technological skills in new roles.

MARINE SURVEYS looks at the fine details involved. The balance of surveys between being reactive to issues related to marine surveys and taking proactive action that will eliminate the potential for detentions, fines and other regulatory processes that can affect shipping operations.

WHY SHIPOWNERS NEED TO TAKE THEIR FOOT OFF THE GAS! This White Paper looks at the increasing pressures over emissions shipowners are coming under. International shipping now accounts for about 2.5% of global emissions – around 950 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year – and there is little doubt that despite new regulations, emissions look set to set to double according to industry observers.

SERVICE BEGINS WITH TECHNICAL EXPERTISE dives deeply into the subject area of technical services. Not every service is the same and not every provider is recommending the right services for the client. This White Paper helps distinguish between cost effective and effective services

Ricardo Padilla, Marketing Director for GMCG, believes these new White Papers provide guidance and knowledge in subjects which are crucial to the shipping industry.

“The industry is changing and these White Papers continue our effort of preparing those in the shipping industry. This year, the maritime sector has managed to deal with changing regulations and adapting to the future of shipping by putting effort into evolving training alongside adjusting for greener shipping. Our White Papers explore all of these issues, allowing us to continue working through this pandemic which is sure to bring more unpredictable outcomes.”

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