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GMCG India & Panama Training Collaboration

GMCG India & Panama Training Collaboration

At Global Maritime Consultants Group (GMCG), we firmly believe in the necessity of continual learning and development to uphold our high-quality services for clients in the shipping and offshore sectors.
Our own Fernando Arredondo, who works as a Business Developer and Marine Surveyor from our Panama office, recently finished a rigorous marine and offshore engineering training program. The training, which took place at our Cochin and Mumbai offices, was overseen by our Managing Director, Nandlal Aher. Nandlal is not only the Managing Director of our China and Mumbai offices but also serves as the Head of Engineering, Offshore and Project Management services across our whole organization. The training was focused primarily on regulatory and environmental compliance services, underlining our dedication to sustainability.
In exchange, Fernando shared in-depth knowledge about our Panama registration services with the Cochin and Mumbai teams. Our Panama office is esteemed, ranking among the top three Panamanian law firms acknowledged by the Panama Maritime Authority for these services.
These holistic training initiatives are at the heart of our strategy, equipping our team to deliver outstanding service to our clients. Our ethos aligns strongly with the sentiment, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” This guiding principle allows GMCG to draw on global expertise to serve our clients and the wider industry better.
Our commitment to bettering our services and adapting to our clients’ ever-changing needs is firmly reflected in these ongoing training endeavors.
Currently, Fernando is in Greece participating in a practical training on marine surveys and business development. This program is guided by our Greek office’s Managing Director, Christos Michalopoulos, who also acts as the Head of Marine Surveys across our entire group. Through this mutual training and cooperation, both Fernando and Christos aim to initiate new projects, foster partnerships, and enhance our service capabilities.

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