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GMCG India and Greece continue training efforts

GMCG India and Greece continue training efforts

At Global Maritime Consultants Group (GMCG), we believe in constantly elevating our standards and ensuring our team is equipped with the best skills and knowledge. As part of our ongoing initiative to foster excellence, Galaxy from our Mumbai legal service department recently undertook specialized training at our Greece office. This decision was made given the Greece office’s current high volume of vessel registration cases, offering Galaxy a unique and immersive learning experience. During her training, she gained comprehensive knowledge on the complete vessel registration process including the verification of COC and GMDSS, as well as procedures for issuing Wreck Removal Certificates (WRC), Bunker Convention Certificate (BCC), and Civil Liability Certificates (CLC). This hands-on experience ensures that we continue to offer our ship owner clients professional and efficient services in vessel registration, further elevating the offerings of our Mumbai office.
“In the maritime industry, theoretical knowledge is a foundation, but it’s the hands-on training that truly shapes you. Galaxy’s immersion in our Greece office’s vessel registration processes is not just about learning the steps, but understanding the nuances, challenges, and solutions that come with real-world scenarios. This kind of training is invaluable; it’s how we ensure precision, efficiency, and the highest level of service to our clients.” – Christos Michalopolous

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