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GMCG Greece to host 2024 Annual General Meeting

GMCG Greece to host 2024 Annual General Meeting

Excitement is building at GMCG Greece as we prepare to host this year’s Annual General Meeting. It’s a rare and valued moment, as leaders from all 20 of our global offices will gather under one roof, symbolizing our unity and collective strength. 
Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Greece isn’t just an internal affair—it’s a cornerstone for enhancing the services we provide to you, our valued clients. With all our managers from 20 offices worldwide uniting, we exchange ideas, strategize, and align on best practices. This convergence of diverse expertise leads to innovative solutions, ensuring that you, our clients, receive the most efficient and forward-thinking service possible.
Christos Michalopolous, our Managing Director of Greece, encapsulates this sentiment: “Each AGM propels our global synergy, directly translating into elevated service standards for our clients.”

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