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GMCG flies the flag for Barbados Maritime Ship Registry

GMCG flies the flag for Barbados Maritime Ship Registry

Global Maritime Consultants Group (GMCG), one of the world’s leading maritime consultancies, has been appointed as regional national partner for the Barbados Maritime Ship Registry (BMSR). Following a realignment at the registry, GMCG will be using its extensive global network to offer ship owners the BMSR services and continue to develop the registry’s growth and profile.

The Barbados Maritime Ship Registry is on the Paris MoU White List and accredited to ISO:9001 with a growing maritime reputation as a provider of inspections and assured ship registration services. BMSR has been a member of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) since 1971 and has a comprehensive network of Appointed Nautical Inspectors across the world’s major maritime locations.

GMCG is now a Regional Registrar (RR) for BMSR and this follows a long association with the registry. GMCG is ideally placed to represent the flag because of its reputation as an independent maritime consultancy providing expert technical, legal, training and management consultancy to the shipping and offshore sectors.

GMCG is an ideal partner for BMSR according to Giovanni Ciniglio, CEO of the registry.

“We were looking for a maritime consultancy that delivered what it promised and there is no doubt that GMCG is that partner we see as helping us to drive the registry to even greater heights. They understand the maritime world and shipping, something that will be invaluable to BMSR over the next few years. We see a bright future ahead with GMCG onboard.”

GMCG has developed an experienced and respected global network of 20 offices in 16 different countries in the 30 years it has been established and BMSR will further enhance a prestigious group of flags which form the range of ship registry options provided by GMCG. The registry’s full range of services, which include complete ship registration, crew certification and endorsements, regulatory bulletins and inspections, will form a major part of the partnership between the two leading maritime bodies.

Robert Padilla, CEO of GMCG, believes this is a major step forward for both GMCG and BMSR working together. “We are delighted that Barbados Maritime Shipping Registry have extended our cooperation to represent them as a key regional registrar partner. We offer the best shipping consultation services together with our engineering and technical expertise in the market and our continuing association with BMSR will enable us to carry on offering ship owners, flags with knowledge, experience and integrity. We know from our experience of working with BMSR that they attach the same importance to high standards and quality services as we do at GMCG.”

Nakis Kassos, Group Operations Director of GMCG welcomed GMCG’s new status “With Barbados Maritime Ship Registry (BMSR) as one of our prime flags, we can continue to reach out to the shipping world with an integrated range of services. GMCG’s business has grown because we partner with the right groups in an industry that requires a high standard of services. Our services reflect the high standards GMCG has set for our shipping clients, and we are working closely with them to ensure they have the appropriate ship registry for their needs. With BMSR there is no doubt that we now have another ideal ship registry to recommend to shipowners.”

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