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Exciting News from GMCG China, Strengthening Our Presence in Ningbo, China!

Exciting News from GMCG China, Strengthening Our Presence in Ningbo, China!

We are delighted to share that Daokai Xu (also known as Viktor Xu) is joining our GMCG China team as a Surveyor and Business Developer. This marks a significant strengthening of our operations in Ningbo, China.
Viktor comes with a solid background in maritime operations and business development. He is a graduate of Dalian University of Technology, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Ship Engineering, and an MBA from Southwest Jiaotong University. His career highlights include roles as a Senior Surveyor & Auditor at GL China and as a Technical Director Assistant and Senior Business Manager at International Far East Finance Leasing Co., Ltd.
Expertise and Achievements
Viktor’s expertise covers a broad range of maritime operations, including technical vessel management and leading newbuilding projects. His project management, client relations, and business development skills are exemplary, earning him several nominations for the Company Cooperative Service Award at his previous company.
Viktor’s Role at GMCG Shanghai and Impact on Ningbo
In his new role at GMCG China, Viktor will be focusing on client relations, business development, and conducting marine surveys, significantly enhancing our presence and operations in Ningbo. His deep experience and specialized skills are set to play a crucial role in strengthening our foothold in this vital region, particularly in fostering strong client relationships, identifying new business opportunities, and ensuring the highest standards in our marine survey services. Viktor’s appointment is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional service and expanding our expertise in Ningbo.
Reach Out
We are available for collaboration opportunities and inquiries about our expanded services in Ningbo. Contact us at +86 21 68860181or via email at
Let’s warmly welcome Viktor to GMCG China! We look forward to the growth and success he will bring to our Ningbo operations and beyond.

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