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Empaneled Naval Architect and Ship Design Firm with Andhra Pradesh Maritime Board

Empaneled Naval Architect and Ship Design Firm with Andhra Pradesh Maritime Board

GMCG Maritime Consultants is a leading maritime services provider with a strong commitment to quality and innovation. We are proud to announce our empanelment as a Naval Architect and Ship Design firm with the Andhra Pradesh Maritime Board (APMB). In this blog post, we will discuss our role and responsibilities as an empaneled partner with APMB and how our expertise contributes to the maritime industry.

Overview of Andhra Pradesh Maritime Board (APMB)

The Andhra Pradesh Maritime Board is a government organization responsible for the development, regulation, and management of the maritime sector in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. It aims to promote and facilitate the growth of the maritime industry by providing effective infrastructure, services, and regulatory frameworks.

GMCG’s Role and Responsibilities as an Empaneled Partner

As an empaneled Naval Architect and Ship Design firm with APMB, GMCG Maritime Consultants undertakes a wide range of activities on behalf of the board. Some of these activities include:

Finalizing Vessel Technical Specifications: Our team of experts works closely with APMB to ensure that all vessels comply with the Andhra Pradesh Inland Vessel Rules (APIV) and any other relevant regulations. We assist in finalizing the technical specifications for each vessel, ensuring they meet the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and performance.

Appraisal of Design: We are responsible for assessing and designing for major conversions of vessels, ensuring that they meet the necessary structural, machinery, and stability requirements. Our team also works with the Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) for design approval when required.
In-house Design Services: GMCG provides in-house design services for various types of vessels, including general arrangement plans, structural drawings, safety plans, and more. We also collaborate with the IRS for design approval when necessary.
Stability Testing: Our team is involved in conducting stability tests such as heel tests, swamp tests, and inclining experiments for vessels in the presence of APMB surveyors. This ensures that the vessels comply with the stability requirements of the APIV Rules.
Emergency Response Services: We provide prompt and efficient emergency response services to APMB as and when required, ensuring the safety and security of vessels and crew members.
Compliance and Regulatory Support: Our team offers support to APMB in ensuring compliance with various maritime regulations and guidelines, including the APIV Rules and other relevant legislation.
Engineering Expertise: GMCG contributes its extensive engineering expertise to the maritime sector, offering innovative solutions and designs that enhance the efficiency, safety, and performance of vessels.


At GMCG Maritime Consultants, we are proud to be an empaneled Naval Architect and Ship Design firm with the Andhra Pradesh Maritime Board. Our collaboration with APMB reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional services and contributing to the growth and development of the maritime industry.

As we continue our partnership with APMB, we remain dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality, safety, and innovation, ensuring that our clients and the maritime industry as a whole benefit from our expertise and services.

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