Marine Surveys

Marine Surveying Services

  • Pre-Entry Inspections
  • Damage Surveys
  • Conditional Surveys

Why use GMCG?

Our global network of qualified and experienced surveyors allows us to keep travel costs to a minimum, without affecting the time it takes us to reach your vessel. It has become even more valuable to our clients due to the travel restrictions caused by the global pandemic.

GMCG provides highly trained and knowledgeable surveyors to guarantee quality and compliance. A GMCG survey will provide the essential information and insights your team needs to make informative decisions. That is the GMCG promise.

Every survey is comprehensive and we work in close consultation with all our clients to offer a select service with fleet discounts. Times and locations are scheduled to suit your needs with a follow-up service to answer questions and provide further clarity with 24/7 communication. Our global office network offers clients expert surveyors with strong relationships with both Flag Administrations and Port States.

This is where GMCG is at your side. We offer all our clients the most up-to-date knowledge on safety issues, regulations, industry trends, and market conditions. We ensure the safety, seaworthiness and value of your vessels.

Our surveyors are trusted by our clients, colleagues and insurers to provide an unbiased, comprehensive marine survey report. This means the GMCG solution is the right one for your needs.

  • 24/7 Communication
  • Strong Flag Administration and Port State Relationships
  • Global Network of Offices
  • Technical Support
  • 30 Years of Service
  • Experienced Surveyor Network
  • Fleet Discounts

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Our Process

Consultation with client to explain our process and understand their needs

Schedule a location and time for the survey to take place

Designate a surveyor that is qualified to carry out the survey and meet the client’s needs

Perform an unbiased survey

Create the report and submit to the client

Consult with client to answer any additional questions and provide further clarity

Technical Support

With every marine survey GMCG undertakes through our maritime professionals, excellence comes as standard.

Global Network

Our global network places you at the heart of our services no matter where you are.

Our People

Carefully chosen, regularly trained and always up to date, our maritime professionals understand your needs and are ready to support you.

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Marine Surveys

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Publications published regularly that provide insights and takes on marine topics that impact your business.

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Mission Statement

“To support and empower ship owners and their teams by providing marine solutions that they can trust.”