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Quality Policy

  • To achieve complete customer satisfaction by providing prompt, reliable and efficient services to customers
  • To remain thoroughly proficient and highly motivated in order to achieve the objective of the organization.
  • To enhance productivity by maintaining continuous track record on assignments and implementing corrective measures in a phase-by-phase manner
  • To retain qualified and performance-driven personnel and also impart the best professional training to its staff from time to time as part of continuous upgrading
  • To sustain and improve our services with the highest degree of professionalism, quality and integrity, on par with industry standards

GMCG Ltd has been in the service of maritime industry since 1988 as Maritime Consultants. Organization’s policy constitutes the corner stone for the achievement of objectives of company. Remains constant and is based there the application of Quality Management System, depending on the needs of company.

The Quality Objectives of company are:

  • Continue providing immediately and effectively, completed solutions in our customers
  • Striving with any possible effort in order to do not exist dissatisfied customers
  • Execute work only if we are educated for this
  • Collaborated closely with our suppliers so that is ensured the better possible result for the company and for our customers
  • Correct the problems that are presented, and we concern so that they are not repeated
  • Improve permanently the processes and the methods that we work and we apply, to profit of customers and company
  • Contribute for the safety of Vessels and Harbours collaborating with the Authors and the customers, in absolute agreement with National and International Regulations.

Top Management is committed that will keep:

  • Playing a leading part for the achievement of objectives above
  • Providing educated and experienced Personnel

All personnel are cooperating and participating for the guaranteed implementation of QUALITY within the Company. The efforts for the continuous improvement of offered quality are tangible and the results are measurable. Finally, Top Management ensures that the Policy of Quality is permanently known and comprehensible in the personnel through internal communication, internal audits, and management reviews of System.