Ship Registration

Ship Registration Services

  • Flag Transfer Procedures (Provisional and Permanent)
  • Special Registration (SDV)
  • Name Change Procedures
  • Re-registration, renewal of bareboat registration


GMCG acts as your reliable partner throughout the registration process. We offer every client an array of flags to choose from and offer advice on the flag administrations that will best fit your requirements.

GMCG will support you in dealing with the multitude of applicable forms, registering requirements, manning requirements, international regulations, crew certifications, crew endorsements, and incorporations of offshore entities. Our mission is to support and empower you and your business by providing solutions based on your needs. Our array of flag states allows us to identify the best choice for your unique circumstances which in turn saves you time and costs.

With more than 30 years of experience and a global network of 16 offices, your needs are in good hands.

We offer 24/7 communication, technical support, free initial consultations and competitive pricing. Our strong relationships with Flag Administrators means we can offer clients a streamlined service with Vessel Delivery Documentation Assistance and the preparation of Bills of Sale and Notarization, as well as flag transfers and vessels under construction documentation.

  • 24/7 Communication and global office network
  • Strong Flag Administration Relationships
  • 30 Years of Service
  • Competitive Pricing and free consultation
  • Vessel Delivery Documentation Assistance
  • Preparation of Bill of Sale and Notarization
  • Multiple Flag administrations
  • Legal Representative for Panama

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Technical Support

When it comes to ship registration we offer technical support that is admired throughout the maritime world and available to all GMCG customers.

Global Network

The GMCG global network touches every part of the globe and we connect with our customers no matter where they are.

Our People

We call all our people the right people: they work with the right credentials, the right knowledge and the skills to support ship owners across the globe.

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Crew Certification

  • Certificate of Competence (COC)
  • Certificate of Endorsement (CoE, CRA)
  • Seamen Record Book

Marine Surveys

  • Flag State Inspections
  • P&I Inspections
  • Chartering and Cargo Related Surveys
  • 3rd Party Inspections

Offshore Corporations

  • Incorporations
  • Tax Compliance Services

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Mission Statement

“To support and empower ship owners and their teams by providing marine solutions that they can trust.”