Rigging Supervisor

About our company:

Established in 1988, GMCG provides expert technical, legal, training and management consultancy for the shipping and offshore sectors. GMCG has offices and agents in more than 100 cities and ports around the world.


At GMCG we are committed to our customers, colleagues, and associates. Part of this commitment is the recruitment of people that will further assist the enhancement of our services.

We are always interested in making contact with talented individuals – people who will demonstrate our values and deliver great service, for internal and external stakeholders.


(A) Minimum Requirements

(1) 7 years of experience in marine-related inspection/audit role

(2) Familiarity with International rigging and lifting standards (R&L), Marine Standards and Mooring Standards

(3) Internationally recognized Rigging & Lifting Qualifications

(4) Knowledge of all disciplines within Rigging and Lifting


(B) Key Job Responsibilities

(1) Provide overall Rigging & Lifting subject matter expert (SME) level advisory

(2) Conduct Rigging & Lifting Audits on Vessel Audits on Areas (Concession, Annual, Follow-Up).

(3) Conduct Inspection and Testing of Lifting and Mooring Equipment.

(4) Perform Rigging and Lifting Audits at locations required by Company (Dock, etc.)

(5) Wire Rope Socketing and Inspections (Mooring Wires, Tow Wires, Work Wires, etc.)

(6) Record keeping of conducted all activities, as required by Company.

(7) Operate 150T Back Tension Spooling Machine.

(8) Attend Safety Meetings and Root Cause Analysis (RCA), if required by Company.


The work Location is Angola (offshore).

Open for expats and Angolans

Candidates are to submit CVs including email addresses, phone numbers, and availability for interviews.

All positions are 28/28 rotation.

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Angola Jobs

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