Logistics Marine Offshore Operations Advisor

About our company:

Established in 1988, GMCG provides expert technical, legal, training and management consultancy for the shipping and offshore sectors. GMCG has offices and agents in more than 100 cities and ports around the world.


At GMCG we are committed to our customers, colleagues, and associates. Part of this commitment is the recruitment of people that will further assist the enhancement of our services.

We are always interested in making contact with talented individuals – people who will demonstrate our values and deliver great service, for internal and external stakeholders.




(A) Minimum Requirements

(1) Deck Officer Class 1 Certificate of Competency.

(2) DPO Certification

(3) Experience as a Senior Officer on Anchor Handling vessels

(4) Experience with Chevron Standard Operating Procedures


(B) Key Job Responsibilities

(1) Provide oversight to all rig moves, preset installation, and relocation in Company’s Concessions.

(a) Including facilitation and/or attendance of Rig Move meetings for Marine Offshore Operations, actively participation in job hazard analysis and risk assessment sessions.

(b) Full awareness and development of mitigation plan of all gas associated with activities and/or resources that can put successful completion of rig moves at risk.


(2) Monitor the activities of all marine operations associated with rig moves, including review of procedures in conjunction with the Company Marine Offshore Operations Advisor.

(3) Responsible for ensuring the following:

(a) Contractors’ strict adherence to Company’s Anchor Handling Guidelines and Rig Move Procedures.

(b) Validating AHTS crews’ level of experienced meets or exceeds the minimum required to carry out the needed tasks.

(c) Efficiency and Reliability of survey equipment.

(d) Personnel adherence to approved Company’s procedures/guidelines, especially with regards to Company Tenets, Operational Excellence, and Process Safety.


(4) Act as Marine Representative onboard AHTS during stand by buoy/back down buoy installation and maintenance.

(5) Conduct marine vessel inspections onsite and offsite, as per checklists provided by Company, including follow-up inspections as required by Company.

(6) Validate that offshore Vessels/Barges/Freighters are maintaining Company – Marine Safety Reliability and Efficiency (MSRE), International, National and Industry Marine standards required to operate in Company’s Concessions.

(7) Report any incident/accidents related to Marine activities as well as participating in incidents’ investigation.


(C) This position shall be fully capable of performing the Offshore Marine Representative role.

The work Location is Angola (offshore).

Open for expats and Angolans

Candidates are to submit CVs including email addresses, phone numbers, and availability for interviews.

All positions are 28/28 rotation.

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Angola Jobs

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