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About our company:

Established in 1988, GMCG provides expert technical, legal, training and management consultancy for the shipping and offshore sectors. GMCG has offices and agents in more than 100 cities and ports around the world.


At GMCG we are committed to our customers, colleagues, and associates. Part of this commitment is the recruitment of people that will further assist the enhancement of our services.

We are always interested in making contact with talented individuals – people who will demonstrate our values and deliver great service, for internal and external stakeholders.


(A) Minimum Requirements

(1) Proven and relevant offshore work experience of 4 to 8 years, including field experience, up to a supervisor role, in offshore drilling operations (Well Site Manager and/or Senior Dispatcher)

(2) In-depth knowledge of drilling programs and ability to develop logistics requirements according to planned operations considering type of well, type of rig and available logistics assets.

(3) Advise and coordinate dispatch to offshore rigs, including planning for required volumes for dry/liquid bulks/weights for planned operations.


(B) Key Job Responsibilities

(1) Drilling Operations Support and Marine Logistics

(a) Monitor offshore/shore base drilling dispatchers and ensure their designated roles and responsibilities are being carried out daily.

(b) Review engineering drill procedures (including wellview) for each well and develop logistics forecast for each hole interval.

(c) Review operational lookaheads and review forecasts based on the drill program, previous well designs and experience-based calculations.

(d) Review, document and analyze all priority loadouts to support operations and to enable the identification of larger trends that require visibility.

(e) Support Company’s Logistics Marine Team on daily dock and offshore vessel movement plans, including resolving conflicts between offshore requirements and available assets.


(2) Forecasting and Monitoring – Drilling Fluids and Zero Discharge

(a) Monitor onshore and vessels bulk inventories as well as peer-review of forecasted bulk requirements to ensure operational needs are met.

(b) Coordinate all bulk movement between onshore and offshore locations, through liaising with the key internal and external stakeholders.

(c) Assign vessels to support activity according to bulk capabilities and operational needs, considering tank layouts, pump capabilities, and manifold usage.

(d) Monitor skips inventory to ensure the needed capacity is in place and plan the skips movement between multiple locations to that the rig activity is adequately supported.


The work Location is Angola (offshore).

Open for expats and Angolans

Candidates are to submit CVs including email addresses, phone numbers, and availability for interviews.

All positions are 28/28 rotation.

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Angola Jobs

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