Panama Ship Canal Transit Procedures

No matter what the vessel or its cargo, its destination or size, we can handle your transit procedures with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of staff investment. We operate 24/7 and 365 days a year. We are fast to respond and with a single point of contact you can be sure we are working for you as soon as you need our services. We operate in real time to serve our clients anywhere in the world looking for smooth and unbroken transits through the Panama Canal.

Every vessel entering the Panama Canal waters requires an Authorized Person (AP) related to a Panama Canal Ship Oil Pollution Plan (PCSOPEP) and without it, ship owners face hefty fines. The process required to source, complete and support this plan can be time-consuming, financially costly and frustrating. At GMCG we arrange the creation and co-ordination with the authorities that removes the stress associated with transit regulations compliance.

No matter when you need to use the Panama Canal, we are ready and able to support your vessels and staff with every regulatory and transit service needed for a smooth passage.

When it comes to experience and local knowledge – you need a Panamanian law firm with skills, knowledge and a desire to remain at the head of the fleet when it comes to smooth transits.

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