Every year on 20th May, European Maritime day is celebrated and this year there will be a conference held virtually in Den Helder, The Netherlands over two days to mark the occasion. This conference is where ocean leaders will meet to discuss maritime matters and the sustainable blue economy. An approach GMCG believes is very important to the future and success of anyone involved in this industry, remembering to do our bit to help in meeting EU green objectives means longer survivability, especially important as we are on the course for recovery from the pandemic which produced problems for all industries.

The Pandemic has made for a challenging 18 months around the world; however, the maritime industry has been crucial to keep the world running smoothly. This has been recognised by the fact that many countries across Europe have made seafarers key workers, and thus are prioritised for vaccines.

GMCG have produced white papers to help and guide through issues and problems that have happened over the last year and during the pandemic. These white papers include ‘compliance still the key to success’, ‘working from home in shipping’ and ‘maritime training’. GMCG white papers are available to download free from the website.

This year and the years following, the effects of the global pandemic will shape the future of maritime training as more opportunities for detailed remote learning come online. The maritime training white paper is especially useful as it explores ways in which the landscape for training and knowledge has changed and will continue to change. One of the most important challenges is predicting what skills will be needed in the future for seafarers, this white paper provides insight and knowledge on the subject, enough to keep on top of the continuing changes.

IMO implemented a low sulphur fuel cap in March 2020, which has driven the maritime industry into new ways of working: in simple terms it was to be out with the old polluting heavy fuel oils and in with the new environmentally more acceptable very low sulphur fuels. To give guidance for fuel compliance in this subject is the white paper ‘compliance still the key to success’.

Another useful white paper is the ‘working from home in shipping’. The Covid-19 pandemic is not going away. Life has changed; the ways we work have already started to change and so has the ideas that have defined our working lives for centuries. Exploring the changes working digitally can offer and whether this is a new normal.

Don’t forget that these free white papers, alongside others, are all available to download for free from the GMCG website. Not only in celebration of European maritime day, but these are on the website all year long.