Engineering & Offshore

Engineering & Offshore Consultancy Services

List of Services

  • Offshore structural design and engineering analysis
  • Loadout, sea fastening, lashing calculation & mooring analysis for barges & ships
  • Transportation analysis of pipes & heavy equipment
  • Supervision of offshore pipeline installation & inspections
  • Marine Operation Manual Preparation for Jack ups
  • Offshore Installation Engineering
    • Tow analysis and sea fastening/tie down design
    • Mooring analysis (frequency domain/time domain methods)
    • Engineered lift studies
    • Rigging design and arrangement for offshore lifts
    • Subsea structures deployment and recovery analysis
    • Jacket launch, upending and docking analysis
    • Loadout calculations
    • Float over analysis for topside installation.
    • Installation Engineering Feasibility studies
  • Subsea Pipeline and Flexible Engineering
    • Pipeline installation analysis
    • Cable/Umbilical/Flexible Installation analysis
    • Beach pull engineering
    • On bottom stability and free span assessment
    • Global buckling assessment
    • Riser analysis

Over 30 Years of Independent Market Insight, Expertise and Consistent Cost-Efficiencies

As an independently-owned global company, GMCG leads the way in providing engineering consultancy and expertise.

At GMCG, we understand the different markets and individual client challenges – from offshore engineering, safety, project management to inspections, surveys and cost management.

Our international expert teams have extensive hands-on experience, underpinned with a strong record for safety and quality within the shipbuilding, oil & gas engineering industries.

Our bespoke high-quality engineering solutions deliver proven cost-efficiencies across the maritime, oil and gas supply chain – onshore and offshore.

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  • 30+ years providing engineering, offshore, and design services
  • Dedicated teams of experienced marine engineers, naval architects, project managers and designers.
  • Global group with international offices in 15 locations
  • International certification: ISO Certified

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Related Services

Crew Certification

  • Certificate of Competence (COC)
  • Certificate of Endorsement (CoE, CRA)
  • Seamen Record Book

Marine Surveys

  • Flag State Inspections
  • P&I Inspections
  • Chartering and Cargo Related Surveys
  • 3rd Party Inspections

Marine Insurance

  • Hull and Machinery (H&M)
  • Freight, Demurrage and Defence (FD&D)
  • Builders Risks, Loss of Hire
  • Protection and Indemnity (P&I)

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To support and empower ship owners and their teams by providing marine solutions that they can trust