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If you have a vessel flying the Panama flag, you must have a representative in Panama – either a law firm or a lawyer (a.k.a Resident Agent).

Because of this, we created GMCG Legal and Consultancy Services (GMCG) in 1996, headquartered at (location), focusing on Panama Law to help you register your vessels and provide legal representation.

As a Marine Legal Service Provider and fully licensed Panamanian Law firm, we’ve grown into one of the largest registrars for Panama with 1500+ ships registered, maritime and legal services provided to 848+ companies, and over 60,000,000 GRT registered with Panama.

We also have a global network of admiralty lawyers, engineers, naval architects, marine surveyors, marine risk specialists and other maritime professionals to support your business as a ship owner, operator, and manager.

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We specialize in Marine Legal services with a focus on the needs of Ship Owner and Ship Operators. Acting Resident for Over 120 Vessels

3 Step Seamless Process

Marine Legal

You’ll get a reliable agent to represent your company in legal issues, pay your taxes and help you stay in compliance with the regulations and laws of Panama.


We’ll help you prepare, arrange the creation and coordination of your PCSOPEP with the authorities to remove the stress associated with transit regulations compliance.

Registered Agent

Need help with your vessel’s registration, certification, training, and regulations? Look no further; we’ll help you with that under the Panama Maritime law.

Full Range of EEXI Services

Preparation of EEXI Technical File, Engine Power Limitation Manual.

Assistance in selecting the best techno-commercial solution for non-compliant vessels

Obtainment of Class/ Flag approval for applicable EEXI documents

Project Management during EPL installation and energy saving devices like swirl stator, ducts, etc.,

Preparation of On-board Management Manual (OMM), if Shaft Power/ EPL chosen for EEXI compliance

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