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What the Rust? A Green End To Corrosion

Say good bye to rust once and for all! Do you or your company suffer from financial losses
due to corrosion damages? Then this product is your answer. It is a game-changing, green,
anti-rust solution. Unlike other common solutions such as paints that require costly
sandblasting, this product can be applied after simple degreasing/washing saving money on
surface preparation. While traditional solutions contain hazardous materials, this one is
completely green, waterborne, environmental friendly and safe for workers/applicators.
Either for marine, power, infrastructure, automotive, agriculture, chemicals or oil & gas
applications this single-component solution complies with most known top-coats and has
superior area coverage providing a cost-effective solution that works.
This product's key benefits:

1. Does not require new or old metal to be sandblasted, Thus it saves expensive surface
preparation cost and time. It only requires degreaser and water wash before application.
This makes it easy to use at most challenging infrastructure and surrounding areas.

2. Designed to protect base metal thus scratching or denting has no possible impact on non-
affected area.

3. Requires only 30 Micron thickness thus 1 Litre of this product, can give the wide coverage
area of 300 Square foot.

4. Metallurgic Tests have shown that rust was not observed on the base metal after 3600
hours in a salty atmosphere and there is no change in the mechanical properties of the

5. Green product, ready to use without dilution, odourless, environment friendly and does
not contain VOC. Thus, compatible with the UL Green standard certifications- Green guard
& Green guard gold.

6. The application requires a very thin layer in every coat by any means (brush, roller, spray
gun, airless etc.) All tools can be cleaned easily with water.

7. Waterborne base thus we recommend any top coat which is non-metallic for the
aesthetics of the metal after the application.

8. Very fast curing through wide temperature range, high performance general maintenance
coating for new and old metal. One can apply on galvanic metal or a painted steel as it
penetrates the coats before getting to the metal.

9. Once applied, can withstand temperature up to 400 Degrees. One can cut, weld and bend
the metal after application of this product.

The science behind this product's revolution: Battling corrosion typically requires expensive
sand blasting for cleaning the metal surface from existing corrosion, followed by isolating
the metal from oxygen utilizing various means such as paint systems, galvanization and
others for avoiding further creation of corrosion.
Unlike traditional “isolation” protection methods, this product penetrates the microscopic
voids existing in the metal. These are the same gaps where oxygen penetrates when metal
remains unprotected. This product replaces the oxygen creating a chemical bond between
the product and the metal itself. By doing so, the product creates a protective barrier
preventing new oxygen from reaching the metal and hence stops the formation of new
This product is revolutionizing the corrosion protection industry and putting a green and to
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